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Anderson Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church


Anderson Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church was organized February 10, 1964, under the leadership of the founder, Rev. Arthur Anderson, in the home of Frederick and Velma Hayden at 3215 Longview Drive, Killeen, Texas.  In addition to Rev. Arthur Anderson and his wife, Mary Anderson, those in attendance at the organizational meeting included his daughter, Velma Hayden, Eddie Johnson, Bertie Sworn, Willie Sworn, Mary Manjang, Alice Douse, Marion J. Douse, and Mary Reed (she did not join the church on that night).  Frederick Hayden was not present at the meeting due to a military assignment overseas with the United States Army.  However, he expressed a desire to be a member and he was accepted as 1 of the 10 charter members.


The first church was located at 3631 Turner Avenue and 46th Street in the area of Killeen known as Simmonsville, then known as the Lone Star Community. The building was formerly a jail for the Lone Star Community.  Anderson Chapel’s first worship service was held on March 3, 1964.


On January 1, 1966, almost two years after its organization, Anderson Chapel A.M.E. Church relocated from Turner and 46th Street to its present site, 1002 Jefferis Avenue, into a building which was purchased from Sunset Baptist Church in Killeen, and moved to 1002 Jefferis Avenue.


During the 83rd Session of the Central Texas Conference, about October 1966, Anderson Chapel was designated as a “station church” with Rev. Arthur Anderson appointed as Pastor.


During the tenure of Rev. B.J. Satterwhite (1976-77), property was purchased on which the current larger stone church located at 1002 Jefferies was later constructed, with its completion in 1981.


Anderson Chapel continued to grow in membership over the years and was blessed to purchase additional properties among which are those which housed: the Mona Fields Youth Activity Center, the church Manse and the church’s social services arm, Mission House I & II. Several renovations and expansions to the facilities have occurred over the years.


An additional 10 acres of land east of the church were purchased during the tenure of Rev. Dr. C.A. Jones (1990-92) for future expansion. On a portion of that acreage, during the tenure of Rev. Dr. William M. Campbell, Jr. (2002-16), the Marion J. & Alice W. Douse Community Center was constructed. It was dedicated in October 2015 and serves as the current worship facility.


Twelve pastors have provided leadership to Anderson Chapel during its over 53 years: Rev. Arthur Anderson, Rev. J. A. Peterson, Rev. Preston Edwards, Rev. B. J. Satterwhite, Rev. James R. Anderson, Rev. T. J. Shepherd, Rev. M. C. Cooper, Rev. Dr. Clarence A. Jones, Rev. Dr. Lawrence R. Emanuel, Sr., Rev. Walter McDonald, Rev. Dr. William M. Campbell, Jr. and the current pastor, Rev. Rodrecus M. Johnson, Jr.


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